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Leipzig Festival of Lights 2022

2022 Leipzig Festival of Lights on film - looking back with reference to the now

On October 9, 2022, Leipzig commemorated the Peaceful Revolution in the fall of '89 with the Lichtfest Leipzig. The atmospheric film shows a look back at the three light projects "Das ICH und das WIR" (Burgplatz, by Betty Mü, Germany), "Demokratie braucht Farbe - Sprüh mit" (Richard-Wagner-Platz by, France) and "wir sehen uns frei" (Augustusplatz, by Robert Sochacki/Kollektiv noks, Poland). Artists will have their say, as will visitors.

Video: project „Das ICH und das WIR“ / Betty Mü

Video: project „wir sehen uns frei / we see us free / widzimy siebie wolnymi“ / Robert Sochacki

Video: project „Demokratie braucht Farbe – Sprüh mit!“ / Cart‘1 and Matthieu Tercieux

Leipzig Festival of Lights 2021

In 2021, conception of Leipzig Festival of Lights was a completely new one – not focussed on one site, but presenting several places within the city set in scene by light projects. The light installations have been developed by international artists especially for Leipzig and created a highly emotional atmosphere.

The video shows all light projects:  „WIR SIND /WE ARE“ (Augustusplatz, by Glowing Bulbs), „Ring (do/undo/redo)“, Burgplatz, by Brut Deluxe) and  „89 Stimmen /89 Voices“ (Richard-Wagner-Platz, by Loomaland) as well as  accompanying Workshops. Of course, camera listens also to vistors ans shows the sea of candles at Nikolaikirchhof.

Videos of earlier festivals of lights